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A digital app to manage supplier entry and personal visits

It takes time and a great deal of attention to handle all the administration tasks around a supplier entering the company premises if you do not want to miss anything.
What if a smart app did it all for you?

Forget about the pen and paper, use QC Safety

QC Safety covers the entire process of suppliers’ entering and visiting the company premises. This involves one-time and repeated visits.

Entrance planning

Just write down who is coming, when they are coming, and what they are going to do. Other things will be arranged by QC Safety itself.

Register of persons

It knows exactly who has valid training, and if they can enter. When the visitors come and when  they left.

Multilingual ability

It can speak all the languages of the world.

Monitoring deadlines

QC Safety will check everything that has a deadline and send you a reminder (training, documents and people).

Training and test

It can can be done ahead and remotely, even at the reception. Always tailored according to your company and type of the supplier.

Emergency list of persons

When the worst comes to worst, it generates a list of everyone on site, at the click of a button.

Gate, turnstile

It communicates with your gate or turnstile.

Personal protective equipment (PPE)

According to the workplace, the supplier will be notified of mandatory PPE.

Mutual exchange of risks

The app sends your risks to the supplier and prompts them to upload their documents. And they are saved automatically.

Clear overview

The app will show all important information on one screen. Displayed in colour and simply.


It stores data of all important activities. 

Supplier portal

The app also helps suppliers to find and manage everything in one place.

Companies usually underestimate the supplier security.

One of my tasks is to help clients with disaster emergency testing. Unfortunately, it has happened to us a few times that we could not find the supplier on the company premises during the fire escape drill. The employees have not been trained; no one cared about them. So no one was looking for them, people didn’t know how many there were and where they might be.

Ing. Aneta Přibylová
QHSE specialist at QC Group, s.r.o.

The clients we work for

Who we are

In our 15 years of consulting practice for companies, we have repeatedly seen how the safety of strangers present on the company premises is underestimated. 

No records or only paper records,

unnecessary delays when entering the area,

ignoring GDPR,

zero digitisation.

And when there is a problem, life could be at stake.
The problem is not in people, the problem is in the administrative complexity.
We have decided to change it.
Ing. Iva Prokopová, MBA specialistka na ISO a firemní procesy

Ing. Iva Prokopová, MBA

 QHSE specialist, Executive Director

Petr Zajíček

Petr Zajíček

CEO, Sales Manager

Ing. David Urbánek

Ing. David Urbánek

SW Architect, Co-owner

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